Monday, September 29, 2008

Desperate Housewives

I do not want to ruin anything if you have taped the show for a later date but , I was very sad at the new story lines. I hate what they done to Susan and Mike because it is not fair that they waited for so long to get together and then the show tears them apart. What is with Gabie, that was cruel. No one deserves that extreme of a make over(If you want to call it that). Bree is still herself hiding all pain that ever exists and Lynette still has her family drama. The new story line with Edie is weird it is like her new husband is after everyone on Wisteria Lane. Watch out!!! I am going to watch for a few more episodes and maybe the writers will add more insight on the accident and why they could not make it work and hopefully they can add more story behind Gabie finally having children. Those two plots just are not right!!!!! Well I hope I did not spoil to much and I hope the season gets better. Also I did not know my husband would be so thoughtful to blog for me. I was going to post tonight but he was to excited.

Hayden at football on Saturday

Janeal has been crazy busy lately so I figured I'd post some pics of Hayden at his last game on Sat. I unfortunately didn't make it. The game was at 8 am and coach wanted them there at 7 am and I worked the night before. I got the full story tho. Hayden played a lot! Played running back and also safety on defense. They won, I think the score was 19 to 7. To cap it all off... the smallest kid on the team ran a touchdown in from the 50 yd line!!!! He was totally excited about the game. I am horribly upset that I could see it. It's so fun to watch him play at the games and at practice. He really lays it all out on the field when playing. The coaches always tell me, "He might be small but he's all heart" or "He sure can run fast for being a small kid." Sometimes I cringe when they put him as a linebacker, but he never shies away from the big hits. I almost started cracking up when he tried to tackle a kid that he came up to his chest on. Hayden got bowled over (totally flat on his back) then immediately bounced up and was one of the first guys to get a hand on him to tackle him the second time. Well here's the pics and I'm a proud pop. Sorry, no pics of the TD run. Janeal was jumping and screaming to much to focus a camera (can you blame her? I probably would have crushed the poor camera)
Also, if couldn't tell by size, he's #8.

The pic below is Hayden playing safety going after the run.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Proffitt's spoke at church today

Well I have now officially given the closing prayer and now I have spoken in church. I think I am good for a year. Jim and I were both asked to speak on Preparing our Families to Overcome Adversity. What a topic!!! It was a great experience to have to prepare for this talk because all us feel overwhelmed with adversity at some point in our lives. I finally gave a talk that I felt that I executed it and people understood my message. For the first time I did not feel nervous or shaky. I felt like I was talking to my friends and that they were all at attention. I believe this is because our ward is so fabulous and there is a true feeling of love and the desire to serve each other. A true ward family. So now the truth is out that Jim and I can speak and that our children can sit in sacrament meeting without us (thank you to the Marriott's for helping Mackenzie). What a great feeling to know that they are trainable. This is a great ending to week that was filled with such chaos. Not that I want to speak again soon but I felt that there was true purpose to my Sunday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

100 ,99,98,97.....the count down begins!!!!

Well I thought if Amanda could post her half way mark with her belly so could I. Today marks only 100 days to go. The count down begins.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Are they not the cutest kids ever!!!

Reagan excited that she is three and now home alone.
She had to wear the "Piper Palin" dress to school with flip flops. You can not see the whole dress because she was wearing her new sweatshirt.
Hayden ready for another great year!!
Mackenzie, "Okay Mom, I am going to the 7th grade I do not need my photo Taken."

I know I am doing a lot of blogging in one day but I have not had a working computer for over a month. Jim and I are sharing his laptop he uses for work so I better blog quickly before he leaves and I run out of time. The kids have loved there new teachers and everyone has been great about going to school. We are only on week 2 so there are a lot of days that can crumble to the ground. We are only going to focus on the positive. We are going to enjoy all the great times that lie ahead. The first month of school is always crazy with joining PTA activities, back to school night, and the extra supplies the teacher realize they need. We will survive and enjoy all the great memories that the school year brings.

Football Frenzy!!!!!!

Hayden is #8
Hayden at practice. He's the small guy in front of #12

Hayden has become a true football player. He loves everything about it. He plays Wide Receiver, Running, back and sometimes Tight End(I believe this is a defense position). He loves them all. I do worry about injuries when he gets older and the hitting his harder but for now I believe he is pretty safe. Unfortunately we lost 13-12 in the last minute of the game. The whole team had held them off for so long that it was so sad. Yes Lauri I to embarrass my family at sporting events. I get to involved and cheer and yell so loud. Hayden has said that he knows I am in the stands and need not yell so loud. Oh well this is a mom thing and I will always cheer. Go Team!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

McCain-Palin Ticket

My vote is now a sure thing-only based on fabulous fashion sense. I bought the new people magazine and discovered that Sarah Palin's youngest daughter is wearing the same dress I just bought Delaynie at Fred Meyer. If a women in her position can shop at a store that serves regular families then I am in. I believe she truly is a Hockey Mom with great values and deserves to represent the working middle class. I wish I was more blogging savvy to post the picture of the Palin family with the dress but I am not. I will send a picture of Delaynie in the dress when she gets home from school. She wore the dress the first day but had a sweatshirt over the top.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Natural Way

Okay so all of you know that I have given birth to 4 children without the need of drugs. I did not do this to be a hero. I was to afraid of the side effects of the drugs they offered and worried to much what would happen if I was not in control of my own body. So thankfully I been blessed to have given birth to 4 beautiful children with no worries. This in it self is the miracle. Also with each child I have gone faster and faster so the reality of drugs was never an issue.

So the process of finding a doctor in Bellingham,WA you would think would be easy, NO!!! There is only 6 ob/gyn's in the whole county and 4 belong to the same practice. I was able to get into the practice with the 4 doctors only because the other 2 were not taking any new patients. With the choice of 4 doctors you would think that one would be friendly, love the idea that women are giving birth, and maybe a little kind. The answer is, NO! I hated all 4 of my appointments and yes I had 4 appointments before I was 4 months along. The 1st was (as they stated) to make sure the pregnancy was viable which took 2 hours. I will never know why. 2nd appointment was just to meet a nurse and go over my family history, decide on genetic testing and to let me know that I would not be able to choose 1 doctor to see but that I would have to see all the doctors throughout my pregnancy. I was very disappointed. I have never had to see more than 1 doctor. 3rd appointment was just a ultra sound and the 4th was a visit with a nurse that decided I did not need to see the doctor because I would not do any genetic testing. After all of this chaos I decided that I would choose an alternative way-Midwife. I know all of you may think that this is crazy but if you only had the few choices that I had you would be doing the same thing.

Winnie is my mid wife and I have seen her 3 times now and she is wonderful. She is the most kindest person that you could ever meet. She always gives a hug when I arrive and leave. Welcomes my children to come to the visit and speaks to them. She also is not judgmental that I am having my fifth baby. She is very aware of all complications that can occur and is willing to transfer me to the hospital if needed which is only 5 minutes away. I am not giving birth at home but at the Bellingham Birthing Center ( I went there today for my visit and it is so beautiful. You have three choices of rooms and each room feels like a real bedroom. No hospital smell, machines everywhere, but just a relaxing environment. After I give birth I will go home within 5 hours and be with my family. Jim will have to really step up and help. Cross your fingers everyone!!

I just wanted to share my little birth plan and hope that I have not scared anyone. I feel so good about it and know that the hospital is right there. My pregnancy has gone very well and she sees no complications thus far. It is just exciting to know that I will not give birth with doctors who do not care about their patients but only the amount of patients they can squeeze in for a profit.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Ultimate Video

I am doing this only with understanding that I am not responsible for children that are under age who view without parental supervision!!!! This is a fabulous find from Jim. I just hope no one is offended. Enjoy!!!


OK. When we did our photo slide we added music so some of you guys might need to turn off the sound to our slide. Here is some instructions for those that need it, go down to the slideshow and in the top left corner hover the cursor (near the "slide"). The volume can be muted only.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Let the school year begin

I do not know whether to be happy or sad. We have a great summer visiting family,friends and all the many adventures our mini van could take us too. The best part is that we all are happy with our teachers and the class schedule that we received so let the games begin. Reagan is going to be the most sad. All her friends(brother and sisters) are going to school and I feel that my company will not be good enough. Well, here is to tomorrow and the beginning of a great school year. Pictures and the real drama will continue tomorrow!!!

Love ya all!!!