Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sitting on his own

Is he not the cutest thing ever!!! He now can sit up and play with his toys. He is growing way to fast. We were finally able to get him into the doctors for his 4 month check up and he is 50% for his weight(14lbs 12oz) and 75% for his height(26 inches.

I do not know if this is my child. My children are usually off the charts in the negative way. Never on the charts for actually growing.

Maybe Hayden is right. He will be the future running back for the Chargers and Emmett will be the linebacker. My future is set.

The best Sunny Day

The sun has begun to shine here in the Northwest. This is very exciting because we can know enjoy the great parks that are all around us.

Tuesday was a beautiful day filled with laughter, climbing, swinging and a great break with a snack.

We went had a great PARK DAY with our friends and after we were done realized we had been there for 2 hours.

Emmett was able to swing for the first time and loved it.

He is so cute!!!

Delaynie is normally in school but she woke up to be having a Girl moment. So not to ruin my whole day I let her have a day off. This paid off in my favor.

*Sorry Jenna that you went to the wrong park*

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!!!

This was our first year entering the Pine Wood Derby (Due to baseball conflicts we have never been but this year we did not have a game, yeah!!). Did not know how intense it could be and the competition between the kids is a riot. This was not in a bad way but funny. The cars that were made were fabulous. In the end it came down to two brothers for the ultimate winner. The younger brother won but the older brother was a great sport and gave his brother a hug.

We made our car not to exceed the 5oz. weight limit, kept it within the STRICT guidelines, and put some flashy paint with decals and called it a day. Did not know that you must have the car weigh exactly 5oz. in order for the car to go fast. The heavier the car the better. This is for all you beginners like me who would have never known. We have some great ideas for next year so WATCH OUT!!!

All and all Hayden had a blast. Loved every minute and wants to do it again. We were not the fastest car or the slowest but came in third place a couple of times.

Here's to scouting and the wonderful program that is set up for the boys.