Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Jim and Bullet were in the Ski to Sea Parade. The Ski to Sea held annually for both kids and adults and people of all ages. Everyone competes in a leg of the race that starts with down hill skiing and ends in the water with kayaking (I am hoping I posted that correctly). Jim was able to be part of the parade with Bullet. As you can see they are in the Border Patrol Boat.
This was so fun for the whole family!!!

Hidden Talents

Reagan has many talents and jumping through Hula hoops is one. She performed this magnificent trick for the Primary Talent show. She was simply amazing.

Delaynie wanted to demostrate her superb abilities with the jump rope.

I do not feel that the camara captured the true performance.

She is able to jump while adding twists with the rope, jump on one foot backwards, and other amazing things.


Loves to go for walks in the jogger

Using his toys to pull himslef up in the bouncy. Goodbye Bouncy Chair.

Emmett is trying to pull himself up in his crib. We will have to move the mattress down.

Forgot to apply sunscreen at Hayden's baseball game. What a great MOM!

We Now Have a Teenager, YIKES!!!

It was Mcakenzie's 13th birthday on June 20th. It is amazing what a beautiful young women she has become. She excels in school, is a great dancer and truly a wonderful daughter/sister. We just love her. Happy Birthday!!

Teenagers always sleep in and this was a birthday wake up!

Dancing For Joy!

It was a great weekend filled with dancing and moving! We move to our new home while shuffling a dance recital with all the girls. They were all so beautiful.

Mackenzie performed a hip hop routine, Delaynie was in musucal theater and performed It's a Hard Knock Life and The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow from Annie and Reagan performed for the first time on stage You got a friend in Me. I wish I could post a video of each of there performances but you are not allowed to take pics or videos during the show. I will try to give it justice with the pictures I took at rehearsal.

Just realized I did not make to Mackenzie's rehearsal to take pics. Sorry!


Hayden had a fabulous baseball season the led the season with 9-1. The went to the tournamnet and won every game. They only allowed 14 runs against all 6 teams they played. The winning game was so intense. We were ahead, then we were down and then some how the boys had a second wind a came out slamin. '

Are family just loves sports and we (maybe just me) are so competive. The games are a blast and the sports family we have created with this fabulous baseball team is unreal. It is truly a winning team even if we had not done so spectacular!!!


Okay Reagan turned 4 on May 31st and I am just now going to post about it!

It was a great day. The weather was fabulous and no one had reserved the park where I wanted to set up. Reagan wanted everything PINK . We had pink ballons,pink sack lunches, pink flowers, pink gum and a beautiful pink cupcake cake. .

I really can not believe she is 4. She is just so funny and cute all the time. Where does the time go?
Happy Birthday little Ray! We love you!

Another quick hit

Ok, Janeal is still very busy and we are all trying to get stuff done. Here is a little fun time that we had - Dance Party Style! Reagan is HOT!

A little fun with Lady Gaga

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quick Update

Ok, we are moving this week and Janeal is very busy.  So we haven't blogged about Reagan's B-day, Baseball Championship, Emmett crawling, and soooo much more.  Expect a blogging explosion soon.