Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My baby is 4 months old

He is getting so big.  He eats cereal, grabs his feet and puts them in his mouth, loves to stand, pulls himself up in his swing, and his beginning to move.
This is the funniest thing. He puts his buns in the air and lunges forward. Go figure.

Science project

I hate science projects. I find them to be a waste of my time. I wish that teachers would work on these projects during class and create a science learning environment there.  I feel that the parents are really the ones that do the project and the kids sit back and just watch. I do have to give Hayden credit for picking a fun project with Frisbee's. we spent the day throwing frisbee's to see if it mattered how you threw it achieve distance. We found out that yoy must throw with a straight arm to achieve the greatest distance.

For Sale: 1 science project with data, charts and graphs. Cute boy not included.


I tried so hard to get a fabulous picture but with church at 9:00 am., This is the best I could do.  

I also have a natural talent of not being able to take a picture. 

Notice: Emmett he is asleep, Mackenzie was not even ready, Hayden was mad that I would even think to take a picture, Delaynie was more than excited and Reagan was just beimg her cute self.

Our Fabulous Spring Break!!!


We have fabulous friends here in the Northwest.  We have met so many fabulous families that it would take to many entries to thank all of  our friends for there great love for our family(You all know who you are!!!)   The Wilson's (one of our dearest friends) just bought a boat(I am afraid of Boats) and wanted us to join them in Roche Harbor for a few days. I was terrified. They took their whole family on the boat from Bellingham Bay and we met them a few days later.  

We had to take a ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor. The drive is an hour and the ferry is an hour. I did just fine on the ferry and the kids just loved it. It never felt like we were on the ferry for an hour it went so quick.  

The weather could have not been any better, Sunny, Sunny, Sunny!!! That is a lot to ask for here in the spring. 

We also had our friends the Donavans and Hammonds meet us there a day later for a fun boat trip.  This is were my boat paranoia set in. We took out the BIG boat to go explore Jones Island. I was so scared but managed to hold it together and really enjoyed the whole experience. Between us, we have 14 kids and we gave them radios and let them loose on the island. It is not very big and we knew that they would not get lost. They collected starfish, rocks and other sea creatures.  The sun was out and the water was so inviting that they all get a little wet. We just had the best time. On the way back to the harbor we encountered a Sea Lion eating an octopus. It was so fascinating.  
Our little cottage we stayed was just what we needed. It was 2 bedrooms, a full kitchen(bigger than mine at home) and 1 bath room. It had a queen bed, 2 full beds, and a sleeper sofa. It fit us all just right. The nights were just gorgeous and being there with great friends was just delightful.

Enjoy the pictures there is a lot!!!!!!