Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Every year the dance studio(Dancing for Joy)

where the girls dance put on a dance performance of the NATIVITY. It is always so beautiful and really brings Christmas full circle. I hope that they want to do it again. It is a lot of work and time spent in rehearsals.

Here are some picture.

Reagan is a sheep in the manager(her favorite part was that she was able to sit by Mary),Delaynie was a Townskid, and Mackenzie was a Shepard and a Soldier.

They all dance so beautifully. I cried.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

EMMETT - "I can transform ya!"

Watch how Emmett tries to sing the words to the song!


I know that this is not in the right order but I needed to post.

Our friends the Wilson's were so gracious and invited us to their home for THANKSGIVING.

It was so much fun. All the food was delightful and the company was fabulous!
Here are some pictures to enjoy.

By the way Jim made the TURKEY and it was a great hit!


Just like the day Emmett arrived snow began falling. We could now reminisce about that glorious day he came into the world and it was only 9 degrees!

Due to the freshly fallen snow it caused some problems for the roads. Our hill to our house is not ideal to drive on and I did not want our friends to have to walk in the snow to our house. So with great sadness I cancelled the party.

But the kids were great. They decorated the house so cute and helped prepare everything even though it was just for us.

Emmett did not know that his party was cancelled and so we went on like nothing had changed.

He enjoyed Lasagna for dinner and a snowman cupcake for dessert!!

What can I say! It was a very hectic day. We were late, I was stressed, and everyone was grumpy. After we finally arrived and everyone was were they needed to be,the spirit in the room was so over whelming.
The stress was gone, grumpiness left the building and Delaynie could have her moment.

I am so grateful that I have a husband that honors his priesthood. That he has been able to baptize 3 out of our 5 kids. He inspires Hayden to make good choices so that he can be able to baptize his brother in 7 years. What a great goal to have. I am so honored to be married to a man that was raised by such great people(Jim and Ginger) that I have a hard time calling them my in laws. I truly think of them as my parents. I have been blessed also with a great mom and dad that helped me find a man worthy to fulfill all of these special blessing.

Mackenzie and Hayden gave the talks on Baptism and the Holy Ghost, Grammy and Papa gave the opening and closing prayer, my friend Jenna conducted the music while my friend Stephanie played the piano. I asked Stephanie to do a musical number (not fully knowing of her great talents)and she brought tears to my eyes, THANK YOU!!

It was a special day for a special girl!! We love her so much!!