Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A New Year...Fabulous and 40

I never journal my life experiences until later,When I am thinking of how far I have come or when I am feeling weepy. I believe this is the LORD's way of telling me that I need to journal my life for my own sake and my children's. I use to think that I would never have anything to share in a journal because all my life stories were boring or just to complicated. I did not want anyone to the know the real ME. That would show all my weaknesses and have always been determined never to be weak. This where I have to learn HUMILITY.

But then I realized that I was depriving those around me of my life. Who I am to judge my personal experiences. Why should I hide from my life..JOYS or SORROWS. I have been so blessed to be here at this time and place. I been given many gifts and talents. We have been taught to share with others to help those around us become closer to the Kingdom of God. I hope that my small snippets of my life build you up and bring comfort when you feel all is lost. I hope that you may grow from my experiences and feel the love that I have felt from my Heavenly Father.

Today marks the beginning of 2014. It begins with me coming to the understanding that I did just turn 40!! I really need to focus on what I bring to my FAMILY. Who I am as their MOTHER. How am I helping them to GROW, LEARN, ACHIEVE, and GAIN SELF WORTH. I struggle with those 4 major factors in myself. To better help me be a better MOTHER, WIFE, FRIEND, because I am not getting younger as you can see I am 40, I needed to really focus on journaling my LIFE STORY. I really needed to reflect on my GOALS, DREAMS and IDEALS that I want our FAMILY to have. I want to look back at 2014 and see where I have come and how hard I have worked. I believe by writing down what is happening that I can see the mountains that I have climbed. Whether they were GOOD or BAD. This is a FABULOUS YEAR!! I am 40! I am a MOTHER of 5! I am a WIFE to s SUPER HERO! I am ME! I hope this experience will help me with my insecurities and help me really see what my FATHER IN HEAVEN sees. This is my desire.

My Reagan age 3