Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It was a fabulous day with all the girls. We got in line at 12:15 to get great seats for the 1:00pm show. We were in line with about 50 teenie boppers but it was still fun. I was plowed over while trying to walk down the stairs to find a seat. Lucky for us they thought the front row was best.
Mackenzie was very excited to go but in the end she felt a little disappointed. I believe this is because she is such a book reader that if the story does not reflected the book then it was not good enough.

She is right. They changed the order that events took place and changed how events happened. Which I thought was goofy because Stephanie Meyer had a lot of detail in her book which should have made it easy for a writer. Over all I thought it was a good movie. Would I see it twice, No. Will I buy it for Mackenzie, Yes. Do I recommend seeing it, Yes. But be aware that if you read the book to close to seeing the movie like I did it is nothing like the book.

The characters are perfect except for ESME. I did not like the actress in Grey's Anatomy and so it bugged that she was playing that role. The beginning is slow but once it picks up it is great. I loved the ending even though it was different from the book. I had not read the second book yet but the ending preludes to the next movie. So hopefully they will realize the following of this series and get a bigger budget.

So, if you are a die hard fan then you probably have all ready seen it and if you are not,then go with your daughters or friends and have a great girls night out!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

twilight trailer

About 20 girls and their daughters are all going to the movies on November 22 to view this fabulous movie. I  started reading the book on the subtle hints from Mackenzie. I really did not think I would like but I love it. So here is the trailer if you are not aware. FYI Forks Washington has become a very popular place.   

SIsters by chance Friends by choice

Delaynie has her moments that test even the best of us.   She also has a heart of gold. Her passion to help others is astounding. She loves that people need her.  

Delaynie  has become an expert on the fine arts of biking riding.  She decided that Reagan needed a lesson on how to ride a tricycle.  As you can see by the pics she made sure that all safety percautions were taken into consideration. 

These are those moments of truth that really make you realize that the jounery is good.   Life's little lessons are about these moments when there is no fighting,
 no yelling for mom, and the your family is just at peace.

Thank you to my mom for raising me to want to be a mom so that I could experience the joys as well as the pains. Because nothing comes without trials. We must endure all so that we know the sacrifices that were made for each of us.  Enjoy your day with your family. Search for the good even when it does not appear there. Find  little things that make you smile so when big troubles arise you can breathe.  

Friday, November 14, 2008

Can you say, Zac Efron???

I am finally getting aroung to posting pics of Delaynie's 7th Birthday Party. 

It was a blast!!!
 Delaynie loves High
School Musical and
 just turned out that the movie came out the  same time as her birthday. I took 4 of her friends, moms who wanted to go and Reagan to see the movie.   We had to listen to the CD in the car all the way to the movies and back. So, yes, I have the soundtrack memorized.   It was a great movie to see and to know that Disney kept the movie G even though they had moved to the BIG SCREEN.  It was probably the best of the 3.  

Disclaimer:  Mackenzie and Hayden did not take part in any viewing of the Movie. They only participated in the cake and presents after. 

Great friends

My ward has been so fabulous from the beginning. Now I know that I am having my fifth baby and that a shower to celebrate is not really necessary but my friends Jennifer, Lyhea, and Becky put together a spectacular evening. We met at the Olive Garden and just sat for 4 hours laughing, eating and enjoying a great GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!  It  also turned out  that Olive Garden over booked the room that was set aside for us because we ladies made out.  They accomadated us with complimantary water, meals and a waitress that was just catering to us. 

So sometimes bad news is good news.  

Becky of course made a great cake for dessert and everyone enjoyed it.  Also the gifts were so thoughtful.  It is always nice to have nice things to welcome a new baby to your family.  Hayden wanted to sleep with the new blankets to warm them up for his new brother. I had to tell him that would not be necessary and that they would be just perfect for when he comes.  Reagan had to wear the new rain boots around the house that were 3 sizes to small for her feet but insisted that they fit. Mackenzie and Delaynie did not have the same passion  to wear the clothes or sleep with the blankets. So 2 out 4 children taking over the new stuff is not to bad.  

So I am so grateful for friends and the joy it is to celebrate MOTHERHOOD!!!

60's poetry reading

Yesterday at school the fourth graders were in charge of putting together a 60's poetry reading for all the parents. Hayden responsible for the music after each poem read and we all had to SNAP. It was quite cute.  Here is Hayden's peom. You will not be surprised by the topic.

Football, football
can he go all the way
to the 40, 30, 20, 10, 5?
Oh-no at the one yard line!'
Football, football
so fun to play
after you make a touchdown each day.