Sunday, December 26, 2010

5k runners!!!

Jim has always been a runner,(something that I do not really like, I will walk forever but not run) but now he has Delaynie. They ran in a 5k on December 04 in Fairhaven. It was a beautiful wet day and pretty cold. But they dressed the part and ran their little hearts out.

Delaynie has been training with her Girls on the Run group from the YMCA. She really loved it and was so sad that this race signified that there group was coming to an end. They have been practicing and training since October.

Delaynie ended her run in 2nd place for her age group. Not to shabby being her first race. Jim was very impressed with her timing and the ability that she has to be a excellent long distance runner.

Here is the famous cheer:

Delaynie now wants to continue running all the time and so does Jim. It is so nice that they have found something to do together. I love it!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Family

When Hayden was 2 he told me that Heavenly Father had a Brother waiting for him in Heaven. This was not just a passing remark. It was a constant conversation that we had on a regular bases. Hayden was born with a sweet spirit that I have felt is very close to Our Father in Heaven. Being his mom I never wanted him to doubt his feelings but I also did not want him to lose Faith and what if it never came true. How could I explain this to a little boy who felt so strongly.

Well when I had Delaynie his little heart sank and he continued to tell me that his brother was waiting in heaven and it was not just his time to come. This was now from a 5 year old. I really was not sure if I wanted more children. I struggled with postpartum, Jim starting a new career and are life was no where near adding another child.

We went through our struggles and finally we decided that we should add a 4th child to our family. I prayed for Hayden's brother. I wanted this to be the answer he was waiting for. I wanted this to be the beautiful ending to our family. This last pregnancy was to be it. I knew in my heart that I could do this one more time. I knew that I could add one more spirit to our family and that we would be complete.

This would not be hard. I has 3 helpers and my life seemed to be some what easy.
Well that is never the case in my life. Jim was called to serve on a special ops with the Border Patrol and was never home, I was so sick and 3 kids were not as easy as I thought. I continued to pray for strength to get through this LAST pregnancy to full fill my sons desire. Now I do not want you to think that I just got pregnant to see if his prayers were to be answered. We truly felt blessed that this was the right time to add another child to our family.

But with all things in life trials come when we least expect them. Jim was now called to go away for 10 weeks to train to become a K9 handler. I knew i could do this and that we would be okay.

While he was gone we had the opportunity to see what this beautiful baby was to be. I packed all the kids int he car, took a dear friend to help me and we were off to see this beautiful baby BOY. Before the tech showed us the picture I had this burning feeling in my heart that this was not the brother Hayden was waiting for. The tech showed us the picture of this beautiful baby and announced that we were going to have another sister. I was happy but then a burst of tears came from each child's eyes. There was this uncontrollable crying that I could not console because I was still getting pictures of our beautiful daughter that was to join our family.

I looked at Hayden and he said."Mom I am so sorry but I know that I have a brother, where is he?" I could not even answer his question. I had no answers for him. I thought I had prayed hard enough for us to add a brother to our family. But it really was not going to happen. I called Jim and cried. The kids could not even be excited. All I could think about was Reagan and how she must feel. We really did love her and I knew that she would be a blessing to our family and the best ending to our family.

Well, like I said, you can never plan what you really want. Heavenly Father always knows what is BEST. When Reagan entered the world I thought that I would have this overwhelmingly feeling of being done. She would be placed in my arms and are family would be complete. Everyone would love her and she would be the one to bring us joy. I would never need to be pregnant again. Well I was wrong. When she came and I held her I had this burning feeling in my heart that I will never forget that she was not our last. She was the one that needed to come to us at this time and that I would have another son.

This was a scary thought. I just had given birth and I was not thinking of doing this again. My heart was broken. I did not embrace this beautiful THOUGHT like I should have. Instead I made it a burden. I did not enjoy Reagan's birth like I should have. I became depressed and very unhappy. I hated the thought that I was not done. I fought the feelings that consumed my mind. I loved Reagan. She was a beautiful baby that was so easy and wonderful. Each one of the kids just loved her. She brought absolute joy to our family. But yet I was unhappy. I was not listening to the spirit. I was fighting it with every ounce of my being. How ungrateful. The Lord had given me 4 beautiful children and he wanted to bless me with more. But I was unwilling to hear His words.

After of 3 years of fighting with the Lord( I do not recommend), I realized that we needed a baby. But this time I was content with another GIRL if that was his WILL. I prayed for strength that I could over come these feelings of hopelessness and that I could do this. I needed Him more than ever. Was this pregnancy easy, NO!!! It was very difficult. But I knew that I could do this.

Well as you know already we were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY. He was the answer to my sons prayers and to our family. I was filled with PEACE when he was born. My heart exploded with so much gratitude that I will never be able to explain. I have to admit that I was happy that I was not going to have to do this again. I also felt guilty abut about Reagan's birth. Had I loved her enough? Had I given her all the love that she deserved? This has haunted me since she was born. I again became depressed. Why? I had a better marriage than I had had in 14 years, we had the brother that was waiting to come to our family and life seemed GREAT. But know I dealt with the guilt of how I felt after Reagan's birth.

I write this for myself so that I may remember all that I have overcome to get to where I am. I have realized that there is no greater GIFT than our children. We need to embrace each one that is given to us. Whether it be for a short time or our whole life. They come with many trials, heartaches, and joys but with HIS love and guidance we can make it. We can overcome all that is placed before us.

I have realized that everyone of my children are different. You can not parent each child the same. And what you go through with your own children is not the same for everyone. I have also come to realize that just because we teach our children RIGHT and WRONG it is ultimately up to them to decide. Just love them for who they are. They will come back, they will remember the truth, they will know who they are and where they came from.

I have been blessed with 5 beautiful children that were given to me at the RIGHT time and at the RIGHT moment in my life.

Today we celebrate Emmett's birthday with great joy and love!! He was waiting to come to our family and we have been blessed for it. Just like all my children. Blessings beyond measure.


I love you

Sunday, November 14, 2010


If you already do not know are family is football fanatics. We love the NFL,especially the CHARGERS and are starting to get involved watching college. Boise State has become the team that sparks are interest. We are also looking for the best opportunity for Hayden. I know that I have told you this before but Hayden's dream is to become and NFL player. He has the talent and the heart to achieve this goal.

This year Hayden and Jim had the opportunity to be a father and son coaching/player team. It was amazing to see the dedication that these coaches gave our children. I have never been more proud to have witness the FAMILY that was created between these boys and coaches. Before each game they prayed and not one parent stood in the way or criticized this decision. It taught the boys to be strong, to stand up and be proud no matter the out come.

We started the season 0-3. This was so hard on the boys because the talent that existed did not represent are record. We tough coaching and changing up are game plan, we ended are season 4-4 and took third place overall. To accomplish this we took out a team ranked 1st while we were ranked 7th and beat them 6-0.

This was the BEST football year ever. We even had our 1st concussion(not fun and scary) but he is all right and still loves the game.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well where has the time gone. I went back to work officially in May working full time. It has been a very stressful adventure. I will not lie. You never realize all the joys that fill your life until you are not there half the day. I really love working in the office I work in and all the knowledge that I have been taught. I have a CAREER not just a job but the sacrifices my family has made are many and I truly think about how short TIME really is.

I have a freshman in High School, a middle schooler, 4th grader, kinder, and my baby is turning 2. I truly feel blessed beyond measure. You may wonder how I can do everything--work, serve in church,5 kids and all the activities that go with our crazy life and the answer is THE LORD. I have never in all my life prayed harder, expressed my gratitude more and have felt the love of my SAVIOR more than I do now.

I truly believe with all of my heart that we have trials that shape who we are to BECOME. My trials will never be yours and your trials will never be mine. So what ever you may be going through just know that Savior has suffered all for us and he knows are SORROWS AND JOYS. He will never leave our side nor have us fail. It is our own insecurities that makes us FAIL, but with savior ALL is possible. WE CAN DO IT!!

These times bring many challenges that I thought I would never face. It makes me really search to know what I believe and what I want my children to believe. It makes me know that I belong to a fabulous church that builds up strong family values and it is the true church. This is what I want for my children and generations to come. If I have to sacrifice everything for one "lost" sheep than I will. I will never give up. I will not the my doubts or what the world presents to my children WIN. I am a fighter and I will WIN.

I love all of you and are grateful to all of my friends and family that have been there, listened, sacrificed and just loved ME for who I am.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday RAY RAY!!

Today is a very special day, it was the day that Reagan came to this world(almost in the car)but Jim would not let that happen. She is the sweetest little girl that just loves life with all its beauty. She loves to celebrate every occasion, a girl after my own heart.

When Mackenzie turned 5 I was so happy that she would start kindergarten. She was now going to experience life and learn all she needed to know. I have become wiser and it saddens me that that I must send her out to the WOLVES. IF i had the patience and time I would just keep her home. I know she must grow up but with every child that leaves the nest my heart aches. Even though I want those days of PEACE and Quiet I truly love the chaos. It tells me that they are still here and that they need me.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Funny Kids

Bloedel Donovan Park

Just PURE fun !

Play Ball!

Hayden has waited for this moment for the past 6 years that he has played baseball. To STEAL HOME is the ultimate dream for my son.
He wanted to be the first person on his team to succeed but did not get under the catcher in time. There will be plenty more games for this burning desire to get a run on a steal accomplished. He will have his day.

We are already 2-0 and the season has just begun.

Anyone for the Tango?

I love that we were able to capture this moment of Emmett running on the grounds at the Temple.


Mackenzie finally played a sport!!! She was amazing ans so were the girls on the team. They had a great season with a lot of spirit.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vancouver Temple Trip

It was a beautiful sunny day on Thursday. I let the kids miss school so that we could visit the new Temple in Vancouver. The Temple will be dedicated on May 02, 2010. It was so beautiful. You just need days to be with your family and share in the joy that our Heavenly Father has given us. The temple being the most precious gift here on earth.

Mackenzie(with all the youth from are stake and the Vancouver area) will be performing On May 01 for the Prophet in the Temple Youth Celebration. She was also chosen to be in the Multi-Cultural Finale and will be a Native American Indian.

She will also be able to participate in a fireside where President Monson will speak to all the youth. This will be a once in a lifetime experience for her. I am so glad that she has made choices that allows her to be there for this wonderful experience.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Every year the dance studio(Dancing for Joy)

where the girls dance put on a dance performance of the NATIVITY. It is always so beautiful and really brings Christmas full circle. I hope that they want to do it again. It is a lot of work and time spent in rehearsals.

Here are some picture.

Reagan is a sheep in the manager(her favorite part was that she was able to sit by Mary),Delaynie was a Townskid, and Mackenzie was a Shepard and a Soldier.

They all dance so beautifully. I cried.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

EMMETT - "I can transform ya!"

Watch how Emmett tries to sing the words to the song!


I know that this is not in the right order but I needed to post.

Our friends the Wilson's were so gracious and invited us to their home for THANKSGIVING.

It was so much fun. All the food was delightful and the company was fabulous!
Here are some pictures to enjoy.

By the way Jim made the TURKEY and it was a great hit!


Just like the day Emmett arrived snow began falling. We could now reminisce about that glorious day he came into the world and it was only 9 degrees!

Due to the freshly fallen snow it caused some problems for the roads. Our hill to our house is not ideal to drive on and I did not want our friends to have to walk in the snow to our house. So with great sadness I cancelled the party.

But the kids were great. They decorated the house so cute and helped prepare everything even though it was just for us.

Emmett did not know that his party was cancelled and so we went on like nothing had changed.

He enjoyed Lasagna for dinner and a snowman cupcake for dessert!!