Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

We had a fabulous night of Princesses.With my two friends, Lyhea and Marcela we took 8 girls to see a musical production of Cinderella. It was so fun. They all dressed up in beautiful dresses and they looked spectacular. Reagan and her friend Baily had to be dressed in authentic princess attire. We enjoyed a delightful dinner at Johnnie Carino's and the servers were so impressed with girls. It was a beautiful night with a fabulous ending. Dreams do come true!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My new look

I am very impressed with myself. I was so bored with my blog and Emmett would not sleep today,so I decided that I was going to give my blog a face lift. I worked very hard and figure it out by myself(with a little consulting with Jenna) I did it!!!

Also I forgot to thank my two very special Cookie Bakers Jenna and Jennifer. I could not have completed all 96 cookie without them!!!

Bue and Gold Dinner

This year I volunteered with my friend Leah to coordinate the Blue and Gold Dinner for scouts. It was a blast because I love parties. I love to come up with creative ideas with food, decorations and everything in between. This year was extra special, I forgot that I would have a newborn at my side by the time the dinner came but everything went fabulous. The theme was AMERICA. So easy!! We had fun with everything RED, WHITE and BLUE(thank you to my other friend Lyhea who throws a fab Fourth of July party every year and had all the the decor!!)

Now this all took place in February. I know I am late to post this but I was waiting for Jim to download the pics from his camera. We left in the morning to decorate the church with sleet falling from the sky. None of us thought very much about it because it sleets all the time and never becomes much more. We had the church extra fabulous went home and finish up the preparations for the food and snow began to fall heavy. It was not sticking to the ground so I breathe a sigh of relief. We were also having a BAR-B-QUE which in the Northwest we never let a little weather ruin a great party. We had a pop up canopy outside to protect the cooks from the rain, sleet or whatever may fall from the sky. I finished getting everyone ready packed the car with the family and headed to the church. This is at 4:30 and there was no snow falling at this point. Dinner was to start at 6:30. I thought we will be just fine. NO, we were not. Within a 30 minute period snow had started to fall and stick to the ground and left 3 inches. We had already begun cooking burgers before the snow started falling and we were ready for everyone to come.

Thank goodness Mackenzie had her phone because she was texted that they had canceled YW/YM due to the roads. This sent up a red flag that they were going to cancel the Dinner. I started to cry because we had already begun cooking and what were going to do with all the food?? Eat it of course and do the dinner tomorrow!!! It was a great success even a day later.

I wanted to share my centerpieces with you. I have seen the cookie baskets and thought that I could create something similar. I wanted a treat for all the kids to take home and came up with this idea. I made star cookies on sticks(baked them with sprinkles because I did not want to frost 96 cookies). I put them in clay pots with ribbon and raffia. I also found star garland to wrap around. I used Styrofoam balls to hold the cookies in the pots. Very fun to do and easy!!! You can be creative and create whatever type of centerpiece for any occasion.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My little artist

Reagan and Delaynie love art. Anything they can get there hands on to create masterpieces they do. We were at target (yes I am one of Those moms) and they were just whining about everything. I needed a treat that would keep there attention for the remainder of our shopping experience. I let them pick a project to work on at home and this is the result. Just beautiful!!!

Wher has the time gone

My little baby is 3 months old!! This is no fair. He has grown so much and does not acted like a 3 month old. So I am going to be the mom that lists his accomplishments for all my family who does not get to see him all the time.

Emmett the star!!

Smiles all the time
Rolls from his tummy to his back
Grabs his toys from his activity gym and puts them in his mouth
Talks all the time even in the car to his Cow
Tries to scoot on his belly to get his toys in front of him(scary)
Lifts his head so high and looks for us when we leave the room
Is starting to sleep 5 hours at night
These are his big accomplishments. Might be small in comparison but for a baby great feats were met.


Reagan loves to play Dress Up. Everyday she gets into the box and puts on every princess dress that we have. Sunday was a special day she wanted to be a Ninja. She was very excited and went to find the Mulan costume. She needed a little help with the costume and I turned to her and said,"Can I help you so your boobies don't show?"

She looks at me with a great big smile and says, "Mom, ninjas don't have boobies they have skills!" With great enthusiasm she ran off to fight warriors. She has skills!! I just love this girl!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Missing in action

Life has been pretty boring but filled with craziness. I will be blogging our life later tonight. There will be quite a few posts. Stay Tuned for the excitement!!