Thursday, January 22, 2009

My dad's Photos

Emmett's is only 6 days old in these pictures. I know am a little late posting but I wanted to thank my dad.  Emmett is such a sweet baby!!

To Cute!!

My friend Jenna came over and took some amazing photos of Emmett. I just wanted to share them with you.  Thank you Jenna!!

Double Digits

Hayden is now 10!!

He had a great birthday but was disappointed when the Chargers lost.
He was wishing they would win one for him as a 
gift.  Not this year.  

I can not believe that he is 10. It so amazing how they grow up and become these great individuals.  Happy "late" birthday post. 

Reagan's New Do

Well Lauri inspired me with Bailey"s new hair cut so we did it too. Reagan had so much baby fine hair that it was going no where.  She now has a cute "bob" and looks adorable!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Better late than never!!!

Well I am finally going to post about our wonderful Christmas. We had the best gift ever delivered before Christmas. On  December 14th Emmett Brantley was born. He came during one of coldest winters.  We also had my parents fly in from California and brave all the snow.  The kids really enjoyed them being here and so did Jim and I.  This was a Christmas to remember.

We had so much fun climbing up and down the hill to get into the car(which was never brought back up to the house for 14 days).  I braved the weather with Emmett and went with the whole family to see Delaynie perform in her Christmas Dance Recital. It started out as a cold windy day but after the recital snow was falling hard.  Jim was the best husband ever. He hiked the hill got his work truck and piled us 2 at a time up to the house. We would have never been able to walk in the snow with out freezing to death. 

The recital was so beautiful. They told the story of the Birth of Christ through dance. It was just amazing. The music was beautiful and really captured the spirit.  I will just give a little plug for the dance studio that my girls go to Dancing For Joy, it is a fabulous studio that has the right heart for dance. If you lived here in Belligham I would highly recommend sending your child. Just love It!!!!

We had a beautiful White Christmas and that was special to my mom and maybe my dad.  She had never seen so much snow fall before.  We had a great Christmas dinner. Jim made the best turkey. Niether one of us have ever had to cook a turkey before because we have always gone to our parents house for the holidays so this was a treat.  We opened presents and played games all day. It was a relaxing Chirstmas with so much to be grateful for.
Hayden With his favorite Santa present. He has a signed football picture of himself that he his sending to Eric Weddle to thank him.  I think I know where to send it.
Reagan getting ready to tap to Jingle Bells. She performed on December 12th.
The Famous Turkey!!!

The boots that she wanted so badly!!
Mackenzie was hiding so no pictures were taken but she recieved a guitar that she wanted. Now we just have to find someone who can teach her to play.
 Emmett enjoying Christmas Morning.

Well this a long post but I have promised myself that I would post about Christmas before Hayden's birthday.
Our first family photo. Emmett is only 1 day old.  
So I did it !!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Better Late than Never

I am finally posting about a fabulous Christmas.  Emmett was the best gift ever to our family. He came just in time before the big snow storms hit. But unfortunaly my parents arrived just in time. They were such troopers.  For the 10 days that they stayed the only were able to get out 3 times. This was such work for our car was unable to climb our hill to our house.  They had to hike to the car just to go anywhere.  

Building an Ark

We have just had about a 3 week Christmas vacation due to the snow that fell here in Washington and now we are experiencing rains that have created rivers to flood are areas. We are going on our second day of no school due to flooding.  What is a mother to do!!!!

I feel that I am a terrible mom because I cried this morning when they announced no school.  My children are usually really good but they are at the point of needing school to break up there day. You can only entertain them so long with crafts, playdough, baking, games and movies with popcorn.  

We will now have to extend our school year  into the the middle of June to make up all the lost days.   Our summer will be short and quick.  I am glad that I have not planned a vacation this year.  With the weather being so unpredictable we may be going into July for School.