Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday RAY RAY!!

Today is a very special day, it was the day that Reagan came to this world(almost in the car)but Jim would not let that happen. She is the sweetest little girl that just loves life with all its beauty. She loves to celebrate every occasion, a girl after my own heart.

When Mackenzie turned 5 I was so happy that she would start kindergarten. She was now going to experience life and learn all she needed to know. I have become wiser and it saddens me that that I must send her out to the WOLVES. IF i had the patience and time I would just keep her home. I know she must grow up but with every child that leaves the nest my heart aches. Even though I want those days of PEACE and Quiet I truly love the chaos. It tells me that they are still here and that they need me.